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The Pacific Auction Company features live auctioneers who specialize in fundraising auctions and who are dedicated to maximizing the bidding for your event. Our auctioneers will carry passion and commitment for the mission of your organization to the auction podium, and turn that into revenue. We specialize in the “Fund-a-Need” appeal, where guests make direct pledges to support your organization.


Steve founded the Pacific Auction Company in 2003 and serves as company president. He formerly spent 15 years as a professional non-profit fundraiser, and the combination of being both an auctioneer and a fundraiser makes him a powerful force in encouraging people to spend generously at fundraising events. He personally generates millions of dollars for charitable organizations annually, and has been recognized by industry groups for his outstanding work. Steve became an auctioneer the old fashioned way, by studying auctioneers. He has a reverence for country cattle callers and their high-speed auction patter, yet appreciates the sophistication of auctioneers at the world’s finest auction houses such as Christie’s & Sotheby’s. His style is a bit flashy, and a true hybrid of old-fashioned country combined with high-brow city flare. Steve’s diverse background reflects his passion for giving and helping others. He served as a beekeeper in the Peace Corps in Paraguay, where he taught impoverished farmers how to produce honey as a secondary income generating activity. Following his years in Paraguay, he subsequently worked in Brazil, Argentina, Chile & Nicaragua, spending a total of seven years working with bees and rural people in Latin America.

Steve Godfryd "Stevie G"



CJ is a veteran of hundreds of benefit auctions and in demand as one of the top auctioneers in Northern California. His engaging chant, experience and auction savvy, combine to help maximize the bidding at any fundraising event. Even better, he is a wonderful person whose country charm, generous spirit and kind heart delight audiences everywhere. Formally trained at the prestigious Western College of Auctioneering (considered the “Harvard of auction schools”) CJ has also developed into a world class livestock auctioneer. Last year, as a first time attendee, he finished in the top ten at the World Livestock Auctioneering Championships held in Billings, MO. CJ is available for your benefit auction exclusively through the Pacific Auction Company.


Flint is a force of nature and one of the most in-demand benefit auctioneers
in California.  Trained by a former world champion auctioneer, he has used
his fast paced chant and deep base voice to generate millions of dollars for
charities and non-profit groups over the last 20 years.  Key to Flint’s
success is a genuine, kind heart and light sense of humor that audiences
immediately appreciate.  When he is not leading an auction, Flint serves as
a Big Brother and volunteers for Make-a-Wish, Hospice and other wonderful
organizations.  He is also a tournament Bass Fisherman, active Rotarian,
Sprint Car announcer and just graduated from his second year of ministry
school.  At his core, Flint wants nothing more than to bring his passion for
helping others to your auction and help create blessing after blessing. 

The Pacific Auction Company plays a central role in generating millions of dollars each year for organizations making the world a better place.


"It wasn’t just an auction, it was an unbelievably amazing experience. Thank you!"

- Z.H., Rise Up North Bay


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